The legalization of marijuana is opening the door for novel career paths, such as the nation's first pot style writer

With the legalization of marijuana came a lot of things. Some expected, like the rise in tourism to Colorado; others were less expected: such as the creation of new career prospects. With the plethora of marijuana on hand, the Denver Post now has its very own website dedicated to all things green-leafed, The Cannabist, and on staff is Katie Shapiro, recently introduced to the world as ‘the nation's first weed style writer' by Racked.

Credit: Stubbs & Wootten

Legalization automatically means that the wealth of choice and availability of different strains of marijuana would grow. And just like wine or movies, the need for a weed critic was quickly spotted by the Post – someone who could discern the good bud from the bad. And while Jake Browne filled that role, Katie Shapiro spotted a hole in The Cannabist's coverage. Beyond just the plant itself, Shapiro, a freelance writer, saw the need for more coverage on the fashion side of marijuana.

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