The latest technologies unite home appliances, systems

Your “state of the art” family room is not as technologically-advanced as you’d think. Sure, the past several years of home entertainment innovation have spurred the HD screens, TV streaming, DVR, and crystal-clear sound systems; yet, each device still requires its own remote, control, or do-hickey. As advanced as home electronics are, they still produce a lot of clutter.

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, three companies have debuted new technologies to unite and simplify household system control. First up is SureMote, an Android app that turns any compatible phone into a smart universal remote. The free app, launched in October 2014, uses Android devices’ infrared blasters to control most WiFi devices, included smart TVs and speaker systems. Venturing outside the realm of entertainment systems, SureMote’s CES release will expand its control capabilities to IR-operation air conditioners and WiFi-enabled security cameras.

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