OnKöl connected home offers remote communication for health stats, medical data, emergency alerts and more

Our connected smart homes are spanning across zip codes and getting even smarter. While it is possible to control the music, lighting and more in our own living rooms from the bedroom, we can also control the home of our loved ones from afar. An innovative health monitoring hardware collects data, sends reminders and detects movement of elderly or special needs individuals so families can stay connected via text or email.

OnKol is a hardware that combines wellness and design: an elegant, wooden box rests nicely on the bedside table and syncs up remotely to an accompanying app. OnKol links to almost all health monitoring systems in the home so that you and your Grandma can keep tabs on vital signs from heart-rate to blood pressure. Loved ones can even detect when Grandma has gotten out of bed in the morning, allowing them to be alert and on-call if any problems arise throughout the day without having to interrupt their regular schedule to check in.

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