How a range of products bring the seamlessly connected office closer to the present

Though it seems long in coming, a fully paperless office seems to be an achievable goal within the next couple of years. When that happens, though, there will be more technologically advanced workplaces, both personal and professional, transitioning from laptop and desktop computers to lightweight and increasingly portable and invisible devices.

Styluses have allowed people to use tablets in unconventional ways, and the market is becoming increasingly heated and competitive. One contender, Adonit, is making noise this year at CES with a new version of their Jot styluses, which are well known for their noise-dampening tips. The Jot Pro previously relied on a magnet to attach to devices, but as that only works for the iPad 2 and the New iPad, the new model has a different solution: a mobile clip. Both the Jot Mini and the Jot Pro are made to be lightweight and affordable, retailing for $19.99 and $29.99, respectively. They're made for taking notes and sketches, proving that writing by hand doesn't have to die with the traditional pencil.

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