RestOn provides accurate data and guidance to better sleep

Sleep is an important facet of everyone’s well being, so it’s no wonder that with the advances in monitoring technology, we now have different ways to monitor our nocturnal rest. But putting your smartphone on your bed or under your pillow can damage your phone as well as being a fire hazard. Wearable tech can also be of use to monitor sleep but they are not always affordable nor convenient to wear at night.

As part of the CES 2015 trend of “The Connected Home,” the RestOn provides an accurate and comfortable way to measure sleep patterns. The device is a thin sensor-filled band that you place across on your mattress before placing your regular sheets. Once you’ve made the bed, all that is needed to turn it on is to attach the magnet over the sheet to hold it in place and connect the device to the Sleepace App. Each band is designed to be only long enough for one person, so your partner’s sleep data won’t get mixed up with yours. The rechargeable battery last for a month per charge, so you won’t need to constantly worry about making sure it has power.

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