Path Talk simplifies the customer service experience as only friends would know

From Nordstrom putting their inventory online back in 2010 to the advent of the more recent Ask Zappos service, retailers have increasingly been giving consumers more access and control over information about their stores. PSFK highlighted this trend in the 2015 Future of Retail report and challenged retailers to give Power To The People. Path Talk Places, for one, garnered our attention.

Path is a social media platform aimed at creating a more intimate way for family and close friends to connect. During the summer of 2014, they separated their messaging app Path Talk and merged it with TalkTo, a service specializing in person-to-place messaging. “The same way you can send a text to your best friend,” explained Path product manager Cynthia Samanian, “we thought, why can’t you text your favorite bakery or nail salon and actually engage in communication?”

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