The Charlie Cart Project brings hands-on cooking to the classroom with equipment, recipes and lesson plan offerings

The lack of food education and expanding childhood obesity are seen as common American issues. The accessibility of fast food, candy and soda to children at school continues to raise concern. Congruently, parents without food knowledge themselves are incapable of passing on healthy living skills to their growing children.

A recent initiative aims to empower children through hands-on food education and promote social learning for the future of their health. The Charlie Cart Project is a portable kitchen that comes equipped with a number of cooking tools, recipes and detailed lesson plans to implement in the classroom setting. The cart includes three sections: a cooking station with a convention oven, a mix and chop area for 30 kids to operate and a faucet for cleaning. Power cords, mixing bowls and other small appliances allow teachers to transport the cart between classrooms, or onto the school playground.

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