Giant Clothespin Configures Itself to Your Comfort Needs

Giant Clothespin Configures Itself to Your Comfort Needs

The Exocet chair can be multiple kinds of furniture, as you see fit

Jason Brick
  • 30 january 2015

Back in the 1980s, transforming items was all the rage. We had little modular chairs that turned into futons, big sofas that turned into beds, toy robots that turned into toy cars. Although the trend never completely died, fads moved on. The Exocet chair didn’t get the memo.

EXOCET chair sleep

Created by Stephane Leathead, creative director of Designarium, the blond wood chair looks a lot like a giant nutcracker when folded into its single lounge chair configuration. It is both a celebration and an evolution of the transforming furniture idea.

Its giant, smoothly rolling hinge allows the user to shift it into several other furniture styles, including a double lounge chair, hammock-style rocker, bench, day bed, reclining chair, and a handful of seating options with no real equivalent in other styles of furniture. Despite its lack of integral cushions, the simple curves mold comfortably to lines of a human body, making it as comfortable as it is interesting.

Exocet Chaise.png
Modern curves and minimalist design give it a Scandinavian feel, but the Exocet was created in Canada by branding, furniture and photography studio Designarium.

Designarium has a history and a mission of expressing creativity through their products, images and services. The Exocet chair is part of a two-piece set of sleek, modernist furniture, paired with a simple end table called Nyctale that includes both table and shelf storage space. Like Exocet, Nyctale can fold and unfold into a variety of different configurations.

Exocet With Table.png
Both items are currently prototypes, and will become available in a limited edition release later this year.

EXOCET chair head-on

The Exocet chair prototype was showcased last at Canada’s Interior Design Show in Toronto to general accolades. IDS has for 13 years been Canada’s leading expo of interior and artistic design, drawing speakers and brands. Their Prototype Exhibit, where Exocet debuted, celebrates the theme of innovative consumer products built for mass production.

The Exocet chair

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