FBG is an online community that offers disruptive ways to create creative content that's sure to get shared (a second time)

Facebook users around the world have used their friends' walls to post personalized messages for everyone to gawk at for years. Now budding artists can get creative with Facebook Graffiti, a new Chrome plugin application created by programmer Joel Simon that enables people to communicate via playful graffiti drawings.

The creations are posted anonymously and are only visible to those who have downloaded the app. That means that those who join are part of an online community like no other, giving the concept's users a sense of being part of a secretive club. It works similarly to Photoshop where people can click on any photo within Facebook and make it come to life using tools that can be played around with on a 600-pixel wide canvas. Similarly to Microsoft Paint, at the moment these include the basics: drawing, erasers and color options and enhancers. Users receive a notification when their photos get graffitied, allowing them to click and view a friend's creation.

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