Cooking technique usually reserved for top chefs could be next big food trend thanks to at-home accessory

For non-foodies out there, the term sous-vide may be an entirely new concept, mainly due to the method being strictly exclusive to restaurants. Not for long. Home and kitchen equipment company GE Appliances has partnered with engineering innovation community FirstBuild to create a new sous-vide accessory that can be used at home.

Pronounced “soo-vee,” this cooking method means “under vacuum” in French. The ingredients, such as meats, fishes and herbs are placed in a vacuum-sealed bag in a temperature controlled bath, allowing the components to cook and infuse slowly at exactly the right temperature to ensure perfection every time. Diners can tell it’s been used when the salmon, for example, has been cooked in a way that results in the silkiest of textures.

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