Barclaycard tests fast-track system for in-store purchases throughout holiday season

With online banking and one-tap payments made readily available through Apple Pay or Square Cash, more instances of the digital wallet are popping up with every purchase. We can buy lunch at Whole Foods without having to grab cash or reach for our credit card and we can transfer funds to a friend in less than one second. But even mobile transactions present the opportunity for lag time, especially when stores are busy and shopping lines are long.

To combat the holiday queues in the UK, Barclaycard trialled a warmer fashion in wearable technology. With a pair of wool, touchscreen enabled gloves customers could “wave and pay” to make transactions. The high-tech gloves are embedded with a bPay contactless chip, a function that replaces the need for a physical credit or debit card. Users simply tap a contactless- enabled terminal to make a transaction which then processes with the owner’s bank.

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