Hotel Suites Let You Live in Soon-To-Melt Ice Sculptures

Hotel Suites Let You Live in Soon-To-Melt Ice Sculptures
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Sweden's ICEHOTEL commissioned 16 art suites to celebrate its 25th ephemeral edition

Daniela Walker
  • 20 january 2015

The ICEHOTEL, located in the small northern Swedish village of Jukkasjärvi, has opened for its 25th season. Every winter, the hotel enlist submissions from artists around the world to create their vision in ice and snow. This year’s edition features rooms inspired by rainforests, typography and the inner working of clocks.

Rebuilt every year, the hotel is created from 30,000 cubic meters of “snice” – a combination of snow and ice that is sourced from the nearby Tornu River. Another 1,000 tons of ice is used to create all the furniture and interior fittings. Once the basic structure is set up, each artist is given three weeks to complete their Art Suite design.

The artists are all given free reign to design according to their own themes and whims. One suite showcases an icy rainforest featuring orangutans, as a nod to the plight of the endangered species. Another suite, called Hot Type, has guests sleeping “in the midst of the printing process.” It is “a commemoration to the art of printmaking, at the same time a play on the words “Hot Type” and “Cold Setting” used in traditional printing technique and a reminder of a craft that has much been taken over by the digital world.”

Other than the Art Suites, there are other regular rooms, the famous ice bar and – a new addition this year – the Aurora Hall, which hosts shows and gigs and can be rented out for private functions.


The ICEHOTEL, along with its Art Suites, acts as an ephemeral art experience where visitors can live in a sculpture until it melts away for another season. It also breathes new life and energy to this small, sleepy Swedish village.

As Jens Thoms Ivarsson, director of design at the ICEHOTEL puts it:

In November, Jukkasjärvi becomes a melting pot of influences, cultures and languages. Everyone comes together to create art – it is a fantastic journey to be a part of.



+Jens Thoms Ivarsson
+Tornu River

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