Instagram As Art, What Does Your Feed Look Like?

Instagram As Art, What Does Your Feed Look Like?
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Weevmee stitches together unique and shareable pieces of woven art from Instagram feeds

Emma Hutchings
  • 12 january 2015

Design agency HUSH has created an app that takes a user’s Instagram photos and weaves them into a unique and shareable piece of art. Weevmee transforms photos into a dynamically generated visual image, which are arrived at by the software through the grouping of select criteria such as all of a user’s photos from the year 2014 or all those tagged with a specific hashtag.

These one-of-a-kind compositions, which can be shared and downloaded, are based on a personal Instagram feed, and the amount of photos used is proportional to the complexity of the final result. Prolific photographers will be rewarded with a very dense image, while those with just a handful of photos snapped will get a chunkier image. There are a number of additional variables which change the image’s visual refinement and complexity, with photos receiving the most likes getting a larger visual presence.

weevmee gallery instagram art

Weevmee’s software crops each image into a thread and dynamically interlaces them together. For hashtag-generated images, it selects a random sample based on the search criteria, so a hundred people could create a different #sunrise Weevmee image due to the randomness of the algorithm.

Here is PSFK’s Instagram as art:

psfk instagram art

HUSH created this app in order to evoke all the memories contained in an entire year’s worth of images. They wanted to produce a single, personal manifestation of a year in photos that “feels artistic enough to grab our attention, but contains enough clarity that it feels uncannily familiar.”

In future versions of the software, the developers say they will be utilizing additional criteria to stitch together a Weevmee image, such as geolocation data (e.g. workplace images) or custom start/end timestamps (e.g. wedding weekends). They will also be integrating other photo sharing platforms and enabling users to go behind-the-scenes by watching the creation of their image in real-time.


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