Weevmee stitches together unique and shareable pieces of woven art from Instagram feeds

Design agency HUSH has created an app that takes a user’s Instagram photos and weaves them into a unique and shareable piece of art. Weevmee transforms photos into a dynamically generated visual image, which are arrived at by the software through the grouping of select criteria such as all of a user’s photos from the year 2014 or all those tagged with a specific hashtag.

These one-of-a-kind compositions, which can be shared and downloaded, are based on a personal Instagram feed, and the amount of photos used is proportional to the complexity of the final result. Prolific photographers will be rewarded with a very dense image, while those with just a handful of photos snapped will get a chunkier image. There are a number of additional variables which change the image’s visual refinement and complexity, with photos receiving the most likes getting a larger visual presence.

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