How Fireside's SmartFrame will change the way we experience our endless stream of digital content

How often do you take a series of photos from your night out or record video clips from your favorite band’s concert that sit on your smartphone until you run out of data space? After transferring all of your information off of your phone, do you ever proceed to sort through your cloud space to find that one photo? Chances are, once your photos are in the cloud they remain there untouched and forgotten.

A new development in technology wants to ensure your endless stream of photos are displayed and enjoyed in the home. SmartFrame acts as a relevant way to experience your content, an intelligent digital picture frame that uses contextual metadata to curate photos you want to see. The hardware consists of two components: a physical frame links to an accompanying iOS or Android app that aggregates digital content across multiple devices. The smart system uses intelligent computing and cloud delivery services to reimagine digital frames of the past.

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