Programming app helps children engage with their world as old-school schoolyard fun once did

With all this talk of kids being taught how to code at an early age, it's gotten some parents wondering how much room there will be for cord-free creativity and exploration. Kids need to spend some time off the screen and out exploring, drawing and creating in the real world. And a new game called Inventame, developed by Jesus Ibanez, can help lead the way with color recognition and a variety of possible mechanics for you and your kids' real-life games.

Players start by taking a picture of their creation, whether it's a drawing of a Pacman-like map, LEGOs, plasticine clay or even brightly colored graffiti. The game's ‘Objects' thus far consist of small circles that are superimposed on the image and can be moved and manipulated. An intricate menu lets you choose how players are to interact with the objects and how the objects physically move and behave. The real objects can serve as borders, containers, and more.

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