Puzzles provides a smartphone case that allows for the easy and fun way to change camera lenses

As accessories to one of the most popular phones, iPhone cases have their own trends that come and go in fashion. From LEGO cases with attachable minis to super sturdy encasings to Instagram collages, each coming and going with the newest models. However, some cases are more practical than others, with extra protection or imbedded mirrors. If you love using your phone to post excellent pictures all over Instagram, however, there may be a case that's perfect for you.

The Puzlook case has two functions in one: a simple but entertaining slider game and multiple interchangable lenses for cool pictures. Each lens is unique, including a fisheye lens, a 120° wide angle, a 160° wide angle, a 1.5x telephoto, and an 8x macro lens. They lenses can never be lost because they are locked into the case but they are very easy to interchange quickly to get the perfect shot. It even has a tripod and a 8GB memory stick that doubles as a stand for the case. The puzzle aspect is not as big as the lenses but it does provide for something to toy with on your phone and it means all the lenses are easily in reach.

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