Although it may sound like a type of sushi, Kuskoa Bi is actually the world's first 100% bioplastic chair, now available

Created by designer Jean Louis Iratzoki and Basque furniture collective Alki, Kuskoa Bi was launched last Friday at Maison & Objet Paris, the trade show that focuses on the “art of living.”

The collective has long been committed to the idea of sustainable design, using oak from sustainably managed forests and upholstery made from 100 percent natural materials such as natural fibers, wools, and linoleum. In designing the new chair, they wanted to play around with the idea of a semi-concave shape – something that would be “comforting” and “enveloping.” Traditionally, this would be easily achieved by molding plastic, but the use of that material would go against their sustainable ethos. So to create Kuskoa Bi, the team turned to research on bioplastic. The collective explains:

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