With nearly $40,000 raised on Kickstarter, third-party keyboard promises the ultimate typing experience

Apple's new iPhone 6 Plus brings not only a larger screen that barely fits in your back pocket, but also much better predictive text and faster typing abilities on the latest version of the iOS operating system. However, not all of the improvements are built into the phone itself. Third-party keyboard developments are available to replace the built-in Apple iOS keyboard, and one new keyboard claims to rule them all. Enter Next.

Next keyboard offers solutions to all of the basic iOS limitations: the ability to type effectively with one hand, select the perfect emoji and control typing without mistakes. Next offers keyboard features that the developers deem make it “the perfect keyboard for iPhone,” such as making it simple to tell whether the shift key is on or off by displaying all of the letter in caps or lowercase. A one tap emoji icon at the top left makes it easier to switch from texting words to texting emotions; emojis are also suggested as you write based on predictions from content. A quick cursor control lets you efficiently place your cursor anywhere on the screen with a quick swipe on the spacebar. Colorful, clean and minimal icons unlock themes that can be customized to personal design preference in an instant.

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