Bike Sense uses audio, visual, and haptic cues to notify drivers of cyclists on shared road

A crowded road is never a pretty sight—as urban populations grow, increasing numbers of drivers and cyclists must share roads to navigate their commutes. This is not only potentially dangerous (1.24 million annually die in traffic accidents), but also extremely chaotic. Jaguar Land Rover is attempting to improve rider relations by installing technology that subtly communicates to drivers when cyclists near their car.

Named Bike Sense, Jaguar Land Rover’s new system uses audio, visual, and haptic technologies to notify the driver of a cyclist’s position. If a cyclist rides near a moving car on the road, the driver’s headrest taps his or her shoulder from the side from which the cyclist is approaching. The internal windshield frame changes colors from yellow to red as the cyclist draws nearer, and a ringing (similar to a bike bell) plays over the car’s speakers.

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