Barbarian Boss: Driving Purchase Intent With Interactive Displays

Barbarian Boss: Driving Purchase Intent With Interactive Displays
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Keith Butters discusses how dynamic and educational experiences help convert shoppers into buyers

  • 19 january 2015

Keith Butters is a co-founder at The Barbarian Group, a highly awarded creative agency specializing in digital and interactive experiences. He is a regular contributor to leading web design publications and has been published for his work building the Internet’s first viral hit, The Subservient Chicken. Last November, Keith discussed the importance of creating immersive and educational experiences in stores to attract customers and get them to make a purchase decision.

The focus of his presentation was on the Barbarian Group’s partnership with Samsung in the creation of their CenterStage. This 7ft x 11.5ft display creates a dynamic, high-definition in-store immersion experience designed to attract, educate, and convert consumers while invigorating the home appliance section.

The enormous screens display life-sized images of Samsung’s appliances in action. “People want to know what a fridge looks like with food inside or how much clothes actually fit in that thing. I don’t know what 27 cubic meters means.”

Listen to Keith’s thoughts on creating meaningful in-store experiences and see CenterStage in action in his talk below:

The Barbarian Group

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