Kombrewcha aims to take drinking to a nutritious level with less calories and a night's worth of vitamins

Brands are beginning to listen to consumer’s wants and needs when it comes to their well-being. Recently, there has been an influx of new concepts centered around the issue such as Nourished Journal, a magazine dedicated to all things health. Also new to the market is Kombrewcha, a beer brand that prizes itself on selling gluten-free hybrid tea beer.

Kombrewcha is aimed at a new breed of alcohol drinkers that are looking to have a good time while fending off the negative aspects that come along with a heavy (pun implied) night of drinking. Firstly, it’s crafted with Kombucha tea, which has copious amounts of health benefits such as detoxification, immune boosting and even cancer prevention. The product also contains live probiotics, vitamins, and organic acids, making it easier on the digestive system and nutritious at the same time.

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