The co-creator of two try-before-you-buy services wants to help you find the right wearable, without the commitment

Aarthi Ramamurthy believes that products and their consumers aren't always a perfect fit, and that prospective customers should get to figure out what works best for them before they pay up. With her new electronics try-out service, shoppers get to do just that.

Last week, try-before-you-buy company Lumoid announced its expansion into the high-tech wearables field. With it's Home Try-On service, customers can pick five items from a wide range of health-tracking, pro-fitness, and connected wearable devices to try out for a week. If the customer decides to buy a tried-out product from Withings, Gymwatch, FitBit, Misfit, or any of Lumoid's over 20 partner companies, Lumoid will send the customer a new one to keep at regular retail cost. If the customer isn't swayed by any of the five items, she can send them all back at the end of the week for a flat $20 rental fee, no questions asked.

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