Marriott tests out beacon technology at 14 hotels - will the transmitters prove successful in 2015?

Beacons offer indoor positioning through Wi-Fi, a technology which allows your smartphone to determine its approximate location, and it seems like these little beacons are spreading like wildfire. In 2014, we saw these low-cost transmitters being experimented with across an array of industries, used to provide companies with consumer context, leveraging user location in real-time to provide a more personalized experience.

Shazam will use beacon technology to offer more personalized song recommendations. Rolls-Royce used them to offer museum goers a multi-sensory experience. Virgin Atlantic leveraged iBeacons to send its Heathrow passengers contextual communication to their smartphones. Walgreens launched an iBeacon pilot to send customers “clippable” digital coupons. McDonald’s integrated beacon tech to deliver McNuggets deals. You can even put one in your fridge to help you eat less.

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