Fashion designer Brooke Roberts fuses fashion and medical data using digital knitting techniques

In 2014, PSFK reviewed products that successfully bridged the barriers of technology and fashion, and in 2015, one fashion designer has added science into the mix. Brooke Roberts, a London-based radiographer and knitwear designer, uses MRI brain scans and a digital knitting machine to produce a highly unique and beautiful line of clothing.

Roberts’ creative process is inspired by images of medicine; she gathers visual data from the digital scans and translates interpretations of the human anatomy into patterns and designs. In the past, the artist has aggregated CT scans and sinus scan images for her knitware collection. The fabric, a Merino wool, is developed each season by the artist using a combination of different yarns and then melded with the medical imagery. She tests the weights and effects of the fabrics using industrial knitting technology before creating a prototype of the dress, skirt or sweater.

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