Wearables from MC10 and Corventis adhere to and interact with your skin for optimal wellbeing


For most users, wearables sit on the wrist as smartwatches or fitness trackers à la Jawbone or FitBit. For a dedicated few, wearable tech manifests in a pair of Google Glasses. However, in the near future, wearables will likely be worn by a much larger sector of the population in the form of adhesives that track vital signs, physical performance, and quality of life.

Fitness Trackers: Sticking to a Regimen

Wrist-worn fitness trackers, however advanced, are only as good as the individuals who wear them. Trackers often report inaccurate measures as users remove them for work, outings, or sleep. Willpower, too, is a factor—Fast Company reports that one third of users toss their fitness wearables after six months.

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