Nuna Turns the Popsicle Into An Art Form

Nuna Turns the Popsicle Into An Art Form
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A molecular-gastronomy popsicle is set to take next summer by storm

Rachel Pincus
  • 5 january 2015

While those of us in the northern hemisphere are chasing the next hot drink and avoiding going outdoors, chefs in some parts of the world are working on next summer’s big frozen treat trends. One of the possible candidates is Nuna, a popsicle with a unique shape and ingredients. Master Chef Heiko Antoniewicz, a worldwide operating food developer, is one of Nuna’s specialists, but the Nuna team reaches across disciplines, including architecture, design and science. Architect Manu Kumar and designer Stefan Gandl, in particular, take responsibility for its unique shape.


“Ice cream overall has not changed in the last 50 years – it looks the same, tastes the same, in most cases has the same unhealthy sugary, creamy ingredients. We want to change this,” said spokeswoman Gabriele Greiner.


The result is a popsicle, born of molecular gastronomy, with a unique shape and a commitment to sustainability. The bamboo handle on the popsicle provides a sturdier grip than the more typical narrow balsa wood ones. Nuna pops were first exhibited as a design object at the MART (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto).

Seasonal, regional flavors being considered, some of which contain alcohol, include:

– Framboise
– Strawberry Mint
– Pear Ginger
– Muro (Blood Orange) Honey
– Mango Lemon
– Peach Lime
– Matcha (Green Tea) Lemongrass
– Red Starrenette (Apple) Cardamom
– Cosmopolitan
– Campari & Ginger Orange
– Mohito
– Vodka Lime

“The crystal/pyramid shape stands for the ultimate refreshment and reflects the sensation of ice crystals bursting on the tongue while causing a unique and intense tingling in the mouth,” said Greiner.


Nuna, as it has been developed quietly and on a small scale, is expected to contract with a major manufacturer in about five years, according to Zeit Online. However, the iconic appearance of the pops and their social media presence has already attracted imitators, some even from former collaborators, leading the creators to get a trademark on the name long before Nuna’s wider launch.


In 2015, Nuna will be in ‘soft launch’ mode, and the popsicle might appear at select “art openings, fashion shows, music festivals and will be present in selected clubs, bars, rooftop accounts, etc,” said Greiner. To be a little less vague, she added, “Possible cities where Nuna will be launched are Berlin, New York and Miami as well as London and Tokyo.” A comprehensive launch, presumably with the help of the aforementioned manufacturer, is coming in 2016.


Zeit Online

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