Pablo Slough on why retailers should embrace mobile technology in the retail arena

Pablo Slough, Head of Mobile Ad Solutions for the Americas at Google, spoke at the PSFK Future of Retail Event in San Francisco about mobile strategies for retailers.

After a decade of telling retailers and brands that they have to go digital, everybody has a website. Now, as consumers have made mobile devices like smartphones and tablets the norm, the technology industry has to help companies figure out what it means to have a good mobile strategy.

Slough’s talk centered on mobile strategy for retailers. As consumers increasingly use their phones as wired personal assistants, Pablo Slough asserts that retailers need to embrace the introduction of this technology on their showroom floors instead of fighting it. Around half of the people who use their mobile device in a store, for example, end up purchasing within said store. During the event, Slough outlined three key components to gaining the most value from mobile integration: great user experience, relevant ads, and insightful measurement.

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