Open-source, USB-connected refrigerator debuts at CES 2015

Have you ever reached into the fridge, only to your find milk levels dangerously low, produce spoiled, or leftovers half-eaten? Unfortunate refrigeration surprises may soon be a thing of the past, thanks to ChillHub, the open-source smart refrigerator debuting at Las Vegas’s Consumer Electronics Show this week.

What exactly constitutes a smart refrigerator? For starters, ChillHub includes two integrated USB hubs (displaying a total of of 8 USB ports), and has built-in WiFi connectivity, which lets the device talk to control systems such as Nest and onecue. Yet, perhaps what is most interesting about ChillHub is that it’s an open-source appliance. The refrigerator is compatible with various sensors and hardware, and a community of makers has already begun designing different interior components to make the fridge more useful. Standout designs include an LED disinfecting light, butter-softening tray, and egg carton that doubles as an egg cooker.

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