A rolling, listening, reading, talking, navigating, kid-sized robo-assistant is ready to take on the world (and your home)

Siri fans may soon be tempted to upgrade to a personal assistant that’s independently mobile. Now available for pre-order via Kickstarter campaign, a new multi-featured, four-foot robot sporting A.I. and numerous hi-tech capabilities is ready to come home with new owners, and then zip around autonomously when it gets there.

Robotbase is offering personal assistance in a child-sized digital package with its lauded Personal Robot. With such features as a Kobuki mobile base, a touch screen ‘face’ with 3D depth camera, a microphone, speakers, and various environmental sensors, the versatile bot stands to usher in a “whole new era of apps,” its creators say, and serve as a “much more intelligent, autonomous, and helpful” medium for support apps than any of its predecessors.

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