Pioneers such as Billie Whitehouse (WE:EX), Carrie Motamedi (TechShop), Liam Casey (PCH) desribe a movement alongside speakers from Autodesk, Modbot, OnBeep & Shortcut Labs

From Shanghai to Seattle, hackers, tinkerers, enthusiasts, self-learners and entrepreneurs of all ages and abilities are applying a hands-on approach to constructing the world around them. In San Francisco this past October, PSFK Labs with PCH explored the key trends driving the ‘Maker Movement’, offering practicable insights into the impact of these findings and suggestions for translating these ideas into action.

At this intimate and private event hosted generously by PCH, PSFK presented the key opportunities and implications of ‘Making’ alongside a cast of innovators who are exploring the central themes in our study. Speakers such as Billie Whitehouse, Founder of Fundawear and WE:EX, and recently dubbed one of the 30 most important women in tech, under 30; Carrie Motamedi, VP of Marketing at TechShop; Liam Casey, CEO at PCH, as well as speakers from Autodesk, Modbot, OnBeep and Shortcut Labs discussed today's tech space and how the maker movement impacts the relationship between consumer, maker, brand and market.

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