Connected devices and immersive experiences defined this year's Consumer Electronics Show

Before the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last week, PSFK and MDC Partners came together to forecast the trends surrounding gadgets debuting in 2015. Turns out, our predictions—and geek optimism—weren’t too far off. Read about our CES 2015 highlights below.

Urban Mobility

Smartwatches and tablets, move over—at CES 2015, the automobile redefined itself as the newest frontier of consumer technology. We saw an onslaught of connected and self-driving vehicle concepts from Audi and the Open Automobile Alliance, and even witnessed the BMW i3 self-parking car, automated to navigate full parking garages. Toyota rallied the crowd by making 5,600 hydrogen fuel cell patents royalty-free, proving that high-tech automobiles are no longer a guarded competitive advantage, but the undeniable future of the industry.

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