AR Ski Goggles Show Best Runs Across Slopes

AR Ski Goggles Show Best Runs Across Slopes

RideOn augmented reality goggles for skiing and snowboarding feature a see-through display that projects onto the snow

Emma Hutchings
  • 28 january 2015

Tel Aviv-based startup RideOn has announced what it claims to be the world’s first true augmented reality goggles for the slopes. Unlike glasses and goggle wearables that place the user interface on the side, RideOn’s see-through display projects data onto the center of the user’s field of view. This allows them to interact with the goggles without compromising visibility.

Alon Getz, CEO and co-founder of RideOn, explains the inspiration behind the goggles:

“We wanted to find our locations on a ski resort map instantly, or to quickly contact each other when we’d get separated. We wanted to do these things without having to take our gloves off, or use our phones.”

The goggles project AR layers and features in the users’ line of sight, as if they are floating a short way off in the distance. Users interact with these in a completely hands-free way, by looking at friends, points of interest or floating icons fixed to the sky. The floating UI can be controlled using sight so a rider’s hands stay warm in their gloves, and their cellphone remains secure in their pocket.

RideOn goggles

For those skiing with friends, RideOn makes it easy to connect with them. Users can see their locations, call or message them, and throw a virtual snowball their way. The goggles also provide slope and navigation information, so users can see their location on the resort map and find lodges and ski lifts highlighted in the distance.

RideOn offers points-based games and challenges that let users compete against themselves or friends to improve their time and skill. These include maneuvering through a virtual slalom track or chasing the shadow of a favorite athlete down the mountain. Users can also take videos using RideOn’s high-def cam and post their creations to social media, or video-chat with friends back home.

The RideOn goggles are currently raising funds on Indiegogo, where they are available for the super early bird price of $499 (expected to retail at $899), with free shipping worldwide. You can check them out in the introductory video below:


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