Chinese Food Chain Lets You Pay with Your Face

Chinese Food Chain Lets You Pay with Your Face

Shanghai franchise uses capillary network data to allow transactions via visage

Leo Lutero
  • 27 january 2015

Shanghai consumers can now take advantage of a one-of-a-kind food shopping experience. Those who shop at 100% Genuine Imported Food Chain Stores need only to present their faces and hands to complete a financial transaction.

In a world where cold, hard cash is slowly turning into museum artifacts, payment technologies excite consumers. Tap-to-pay NFC technologies require a card (easy to steal), Apple Pay is great but you would need an expensive device and other methods always require a separate object.

So how about Face Pay? Sounds like a great idea.

The technology measures and records the capillary network data of customer’s faces and hands using the registers.


For the curious, each head and pair of hands have a unique network of tiny blood vessels. Using an algorithm and specialized devices, thermal scanning can record the information much like a fingerprint.

Current technologies use different points in the face to measure relative distances. If you’ve seen enough detective movies, you’ll know a mask can do the trick.

Points commonly used in visual facial recognition. Image source

The use of capillary networks as identification was first put in practice by research from Jadavpur University in Kolkata, India.

“Current payment systems require customers to pay in cash or by using credit cards or online, but some have security problems.” Chen Haibo, managing director of the 100% Genuine Imported Foods Chain Stores, tells China Daily, which first reported about the Face Pay idea.

Obvious advantages include eliminating the need for an additional item to carry around and potentially lose. It is also hard to imagine the face and hands getting stolen and used for unauthorized transaction as opposed to, say, fingerprints which have been hacked in the past.

BF capillar rochester edu.jpg

The complex network of capillaries are unique for each individual even identical twins. Image source

Newer payment methods are attracting a lot of consumers. Spending via mobile internet payment transactions multiplied fourteen times in 2013 from the previous year. People are looking for faster, more convenient ways to spend their money.

100% Genuine Imported Food Chain aims to build a 1.8-hectare headquarters in Shanghai. The company will handle the 100% Genuine’s foray into the Chinese market. The face pay technology will help the company reach its steep target of $2 billion annual sales. 100% Genuine imports food products from Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand.


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