Smart Card Trades Your Many Discount Cards for One

Smart Card Trades Your Many Discount Cards for One
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Plenty Card gathers all your discount cards into a single piece.

Jason Brick
  • 2 january 2015

Discount cards are good for buyer and seller, motivating loyalty for a store while saving the customer money. The drawback to discount cards is that, since 2000 or so, every shop has them. From the vendor side, this reduces the value of having a card. From the customer side, it means carrying a whole bunch of discount cards around…or keeping them in a drawer and forgetting the relevant card when you go out to run errands.

The Plenty card does nothing for the vendor problem, but does offer a solution for overburdened consumers. It’s a smart card built to let you combine and access all of your discount cards from one source, meaning you can slim your wallet or empty the card drawer.

As a concept, Plenty isn’t exactly new. It’s a synthesis of two already-implemented ideas. Smart cards have been around since the 1970s, and in common use since the 1980s, and the early 2010s have seen a variety of apps that collate and scan discount and membership card information. Despite this, Plenty remains an exciting synthesis of those two technologies with the potential to outperform the discount card apps.

Plenty Smart Card.png

Plenty links to your phone, which connects to the cloud where your actual discount card information is stored, then displays on the card in a way that the checkout jockey can use to approve your discount. An added benefit of the cloud feature is you can “lend” your discount card info to friends — an especially cool feature for discount programs that give larger benefits for making more purchases over time.

Because nothing new is allowed to do just one thing anymore, Plenty has a suite of additional features. It interacts with your phone to display who’s calling or messaging you without you having to dig for your phone and acts as a remote control for the music player and camera.

Plenty will launch its pre-order phase in January of 2015.

You can sign up for updates and the first announcement email at their website.


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