Standing Desk Changes Height By Placing Your Hand In The Air

Standing Desk Changes Height By Placing Your Hand In The Air
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Desk with LED ambient lights promotes a healthier connected workspace

Simone Spilka
  • 9 january 2015


All of our devices are smart nowadays: our pens, our headphones and now, even our furniture. As the modern-day work environment has improved, so has the relationship between exercise and productivity. We’ve learned that human bodies are not meant to sit at a desk for eight hours, but standup desks are still at their basic evolution.

The TableAir introduces a new technological edge for consumers of the healthy workspace lifestyle. With electric motor technology and a custom LED light, the smart table’s adjustable height lets the user change postures throughout the day. CEO Lukas Lukosevicius explained to PSFK the important factors that decrease productivity, such as fatigue and the distractions that arise from sitting breaks.

Our bodies are meant to move and sedentary work is simply not healthy. By having a workstation that subconsciously makes you switch between sitting-standing postures alleviates the fatigue factor and lets you engage in what really matters – work.

TableAir Standing Desk
The lifting process is activated by a motion sensor embedded within the table. Unique to the traditional stand-up desk, a smart button can sense the distance from the user’s hand and will lift or lower the desk to match their height. The sensor syncs with a smart button or accompanying TableAir App and so the desk can move up and down in silence. The experience increases the value of the connected workspace, Lukosevicius explained

Connected workspace enhances work environment by helping people acquire healthy habits using engagement, personalization and aesthetics. It also enables a dynamic work climate which is very important with ever increasing need to have a space that can be adapted to number of users.

The desk appears futuristic: a white glossy tabletop rimmed in ambient light sits on stainless steel legs coated with white matte. The desk reaches a maximum height of 130 cm and a minimum height of 64cm. The TableAir also lets you charge your phone with an integrated USB dock, so you never have to worry that you’ll lose power over your connected environment. The high-tech desk comes with the price tag of €1,899.


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