SatNOGS Project enables open-source network of ground stations to provide better satellite observations.

With so many satellites orbiting the earth and too few ground stations to observe them, a lot of critical information is being overlooked. The SatNOGS Project seeks to bring together ground stations from around the world under a single network to complete observation assignments and publish the results in a cohesive manner. The hope is that satellite monitoring is vastly improved from its present state.

SatNOGS (led by Pierros Papadeas) was this year’s winner of the Hackaday Prize. If you’re unfamiliar with the publication, Hackaday is a blog that publishes content on hardware and software hacks. This year it challenged entrants to build a connected device that matters. The SatNOGS Project was selected from a pool of over 800 entries. Fittingly, this year’s grand prize was a trip to space or ~ $200,000 US.

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