Auto brands tackle new bold directions with cross-overs and flagship sedans

Since the global economic woes of 2008, automakers have had to trim and tailor their product portfolios toward vehicles that are sure sellers. With finances finally showing signs of improvement, we’re starting to see a few get out of their comfort zones and test some products that leave the practicality for leaner times.

To that end, here’s a quick look at three 2015 Detroit Auto Show debuts which show some auto brands tackling new bold directions.

Hyundai Santa Cruz Concept

Hyundai managed to pull of the elusive auto show surprise by unveiling the Santa Cruz Concept, a flexible crossover-meets-mini pickup-truck. Think of it as a modern version of the iconic Subaru BRAT. Aimed at buyers who need a place for outdoor gear or DIY materials, the Santa Cruz is a kind of Swiss Army knife vehicle no one else is producing today.

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