Emerging college courses analyze celebrities, selfies, and even 'wasting time on the Internet' to draw insights on pop culture and media

Universities realize how important it is to be cutting edge- educational institutions around the world are adopting new technologies and strategies in order to stay relevant and maintain their credibility. But adopting online curricula and Internet-based communications is just a starting point. Course content itself is beginning to adapt to the times, as classes on pop culture, selfies, binge watching, and Internet browsing are taking college campuses by Twitter storm.

In the UK, City Lit College is exploring the social and artistic aspects of selfies. The course, “The art of self portraiture” approaches selfies as more than just a social media fad, and aims to provide students a “platform to develop ideas towards the creation of a coherent body of work.” For about $200, students take a critical look at selfies as a social phenomenon and further develop their photographic skills – building upon their knowledge of aperture and shutter speed.

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