Brookstone's humidifier needs no reservoir by screwing on to any standard-sized water bottle

Humidifiers sell well year-round in dry climates, and all over in the winter when closed doors and central heating dry the air even in wetter regions.

Despite their popularity, humidifiers also have two inconvenient problems. Their water reservoirs are a dream home for bacteria, so cleaning the reservoir becomes a major task. They're also bulky — hard to travel with, and difficult to store when you don't need them.

Brookstone's newest humidifier brings all the benefits of a humidifier while eliminating both of those drawbacks. The Satechi Humidifier is a USB-powered fine-mist sprayer that screws on to the top of any standard water bottle. It eliminates the reservoir problem by using the disposable bottles as its water reservoir. A new day equals a new bottle, equals a clean moisture source. Eliminating the internal reservoir takes care of the bulk problem as well; the entire device is smaller than a pool ball.

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