The era of the auto show 'booth professional' may be coming to an end.

Two staples of any car show are the cars themselves and the ‘booth professionals’ – the latter typically model-type young women who dressed in, shall we say, body-enhancing clothing, who are there to deliver presentations about specific display cars, attracting the attention of (male) showgoers. But will these staffers remain a permanent fixture at auto-shows? The German car manufacturer is helping us reconsider.

At the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, Volkswagen debuted a robotic replacement for the booth professional, signaling no career is safe from robot redundancy. Roaming their show stand floor was a droid that was essentially a mechanical mashup of a Segway, iPad and GoPro. While it wasn’t autonomous, the droid was controlled remotely but had the ability to see and converse with visitors. The touch screen was fully functional and allowed a visitor to access information about Volkswagen vehicles at the show.

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