The Wakati system helps farmers in developing nations keep harvests fresh longer

Wakati is Swahili for ‘time’ and describes an often under-considered enemy in the fight against starvation.  Poor refrigeration and highways that take three to four times as long to traverse lead to more food spoilage. This translates to less food — 45% less, according to the United Nations — and more hunger than a developed nation would experience with a harvest of identical size.

The Wakati Device aims to help keep food fresh longer, directly alleviating this problem. It’s a simple, zippable tent-like box with a solar-powered fan that uses evaporation cooler technology to refrigerate the crops during shipping and storage. Solar power means it can operate at no cost, even in areas with no electrical grid. Meanwhile, the refrigeration can extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables by up to 10x what farmers in developing nations currently acheive.

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