How quality public WiFi gives nations and industries an economic advantage


When you’ve had a utility as long as you can remember and it comes relatively cheaply, it can be human nature to take it for granted. Take the internet. It’s amazing how in a short period time it’s transitioned from a luxury to a necessity. Whether it’s searching for jobs, research for school or the ability to sift through more than the mainstream media provides, not having access to it puts anyone at a serious disadvantage.

Perhaps the best way to make sure everyone has access is through public WiFi hotspots. While they are definitely growing around the world, some cities and nations definitely outperform others. With the help of its community, Rotten WiFi has surveyed the quality of public hotspots in 172 countries worldwide and tested hundreds of networks. It recently released a list of the Top 20 countries with the best public WiFi in terms of average upload and download speeds and overall satisfaction.

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