The Balance Stool helps workers tone their cores while sitting at their desks

Getting in the necessary minutes of physical activity each day when most jobs require people to sit in front of their computers or at desks for long hours at work is a job in itself. Sure, there are a few ways to get in some calorie-burning, like standing desks or balancing ball chairs, however, for those looking for a classier, more modern look, there’s a new way to get in a work out while sitting at your desk.

Canadian designer Darryl Agawin’s latest design, the Balance Stool is not only sleek but also helps those who sit on it strengthen their core. Part of the No, Sweat! Collection, the stool uses a half-sphere slit that fits into the concave base so that when a person sits on it, they have to consistently readjust their position. This forces the sitter to use their core muscles to maintain their balance, building strength without sacrificing style or work time.

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