Vessel video platform seeks to improve media through stronger (and richer) support of content creators

YouTube may reign supreme where internet video is concerned, but that hasn’t stopped competitors from surfacing and trying to lasso away viewers.

The latest is Vessel, led by founding Hulu CEO Jason Kilar and his team of former Hulu, Netflix, Twitter and Amazon employees who began work on the project in 2013. Their idea is to entice top content creators to contribute to Vessel by offering them a larger share of revenues than other platforms – Youtube included.

Vessel is offering content producers 60 percent of the site’s subscription revenue and 70 percent of ad revenue, which is a larger cut than the 55 percent of ad revenue producers make from YouTube. Vessel estimates this will amount to $50 per thousand views, compared to the approximately $2 per thousand earned on YouTube. Vessel is also incentivizing creators to help move their audiences over to the service by offering an additional $7 per referral that converts into a paid subscriber.

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