Why 'cool factor' might've played into the demise of Google Glass, how technology is making us tip more, and Super Bowl ads ranked from the hilarious to the hilariously bad

Why was Google Glass sent to the graveyard? Maybe it just wasn’t cool enough (Harvard Business Review)

It’s time for classrooms to get with the times (BBC News)

How touch screens and mobile apps contribute to growing gratuities (The New York Times)

Intel wants to smarten up your home (Yahoo Finance)

Nest is saving US customers about 10-12 percent on their heating bills and about 15 percent on their cooling bills (Nest Blog)

The best and worst Super Bowl commercials of 2015 (Slate)

“Fortifying our homes against drone incursion will be the next bull market in security: whole subdivisions designed to thwart drone flights, marketed to potential homeowners specifically for that very reason.” (BLDG BLOG)

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