Aer's Duffel Pack has a ventilated pocket, generous padding and quick access panels for transporting your sports gear and office essentials

San Francisco-based lifestyle brand Aer designed a light and durable bag that can hold everything a person needs to take with them to the gym and the office. For those who exercise during the workday, either during their lunch break or after they leave, it can be really awkward and difficult to transport both their gym clothes and office essentials.

The Aer Duffel Pack boasts intelligent design and a modern aesthetic, allowing you to carry sportswear, sneakers, a laptop, notebook, phone, water bottle, and more, in one bag. It is a hybrid duffel/backpack that is easy to pack and comfortable to carry. The design team spent countless hours researching, developing and refining the concept behind the Duffel Pack, with each detail thoughtfully considered and tested.

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