The power of the Mac, portability of the Macbook, and the UX of the iPad converge in gorgeous style

What might Apple computers look like in 2025? For fans of desktop computers and laptops, the answer seems tantalizingly unclear; the larger devices still seem necessary for serious computing, but Apple has been devoting its attention to their ever-popular iOS devices instead. Spanish designer Cristian Tomas Moyano, however, has one tantalizing idea for a direction Apple could take in the next ten years, combining the best qualities of all of its Mac OS devices.

The components of the lightMac are interchangeable, inspired by Google’s modular phone initiative, Project Ara. Though Moyano imagines the central component of the lightMac as powerful in its own right, with 16 GB of RAM and a 4 TB hard drive, external modules could add more RAM as well an an AX processor.

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