The co-founder of wildly creative firm Bompas & Parr explains how to taste all that reality has to offer (from haute cuisine to breast bouncy castles)

The notably dynamic duo behind Bompas and Parr have turned many heads over the past several years by pulling out all stops for their clients; to wit, the team's been responsible for such high-concept, immersive experiences as an aphrodisiacal Shakespearean maze, a toothpaste-inspired ice cream tasting, an inhale-able whiskey tornado, and a drive-through buffet during London Fashion Week (just a handful of the ~500 projects the studio's completed in its seven years).

Earlier this month, Sam Pompas — arguably the Starsky to Harry Parr's Hutch — shared his thoughts on virtual reality, the value of real-life experience, museum sexuality, cats, and just having a really good time.

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