Digital Thermometer Works Without Contact and Tantrums

Digital Thermometer Works Without Contact and Tantrums

CliniCloud is a connected medical kit that enables close monitoring of symptoms at home

Emma Hutchings
  • 25 february 2015

CliniCloud is touted as the “medical kit of the future” with its two connected devices that enable remote health monitoring and the opportunity to get a medical consultation from home. It has been designed to be easy to use, compact and portable.

The digital stethoscope and non-contact thermometer let people closely monitor every fever, chill, cough, wheeze or cold. With the stethoscope, anyone can listen and develop an informed opinion or get a check-up on demand, with sounds recorded as lossless 44.1kHz audio.


The thermometer combines next generation infrared technology with Bluetooth connectivity, in order to take temperature readings instantly and effortlessly. No skin contact is required, so parents would be able to take accurate readings without waking a sleeping child.


CliniCloud integrates recordings from these two devices and stores them on a phone and secure cloud server. A simple app displays the readings from both devices and also provides metrics such as respiratory rate and heart rate. It guides users through a quick or full check-up, with intuitive prompts to tell them exactly where to place the stethoscope and thermometer.

To help identify health trends over time, a timeline including temperature, respiratory rate and heart rate can be viewed, as well as qualitative metrics and notes. By creating multiple accounts in the app, the whole family’s health can be monitored, and temporary access can also be granted to doctors or caregivers if needed.

Through CliniCloud’s integration with ‘Doctor On Demand,’ those in the U.S. can get a professional opinion via video chat with a physician and get their heart and lung sounds examined as if they were there in person. CliniCloud is available to pre-order online for $109 with free international shipping and is expected to ship in July. You can check out the launch video for the medical kit below:


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