The new Curioos app uses a placeholder and augmented reality to bring art to life

Buying things for your home is great. Now only does it help you personalize the place you live, and bring forth a breath of fresh air, but it also gives you a sense of accomplishment when you set the new item up and it looks and fits perfect with everything else.

For art lovers, however, buying and placing art can sometimes feel more like a task than anything else. There’s moments when that color that you were so sure was the exact same shade as your curtains an hour ago actually turns out to be totally off. Or the two-foot wide work you knew would fit right above your mantle doesn’t. And, of course, the moment when you bought a piece to go specifically with a particular frame, then got home and realized the work was way too thick. Fortunately, if you’re shopping via Curioos, you can now ensure 100 percent purchase satisfaction.

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